FAQ’s – some simply cool info

There’s probably lots you want to know before booking your simply cool camper and hopefully you’ll find your answers from the list below. If you have any questions at all that aren’t listed below, if youd like to book or would simply like more information please get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

What type of van is a simply cool camper?

Our campers (Ozzy and Phoebe are both Bongos. Ozzy is a Mazda Bongo and Phoebe is a Ford Freda. As Mazda and Ford are the same company the only difference between a Bongo and a Freda is the badge. You can find more information about Bongos on our ABOUT US page and to find out more about Ozzy and Phoebe go to our MEET THE CAMPERS page.

Where are simply cool campers based?

We’re based in a great central location from where to start your journey. We’re situated South West of Sheffield, on the South Yorkshire and Derbyshire borders and on the outskirts of the beautiful Peak District National Park. We have reasonable access to the M1 Junction 33 if travelling North or Junction 29 if travelling South.

You can either drive to us and leave your car with us, catch the train (we are happy to pick you up from our local station) or even fly into Manchester or East Midlands airport where you can get a taxi or train to us and set off in any direction that takes your fancy – the Lakes, the North Yorkshire Moors or Dales, the East Coast, Wales, the Cotswolds, the South West or the Scottish Highlands.

How do I hire a campervan?

We’ve made it easy for you to hire one of our simply cool campers – take a look at our HOW TO BOOK page and here you will hopefully find all the information you need! Alternatively you can contact us and we’ll be happy to guide you through the process.

How do I get in touch with simply cool campers?

If you have any questions at all simply call Anne on 07714824121, email anne@simplycoolcampers.co.uk and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

What's the age limit for driving a Bongo campervan?

Campervan hire age limits can vary depending on insurance cover. Our insurance covers drivers between the ages of 23 and 75 who have held a full UK & EU valid license for more than two years. (Exceptions are always considered by our insurers so please ask).​

Is insurance included in the price?

Yes there are no hidden extras and fully comprehensive insurance is included in our hire prices.

Is there any excess on the insurance?

The excess is £500 in respect of accidental damage, fire, theft and glass/windscreen claims.

Can I drive with points on my licence?

We have a flexible approach to driver convictions and allow two 3 point convictions per driver as standard without referral. Also included is one fault claim per driver in the past three years without referral.

Is there a minimum hire period?

The minimum hire period is three nights.

Is there a maximum hire period?

There isn’t a maximum hire period either and if you are planning a long trip please talk to us about prices as we are able to offer a discount for longer hire periods.

How many people can travel in a Mazda Bongo Camper?

Both Ozzy and Phoebe have five seat belted seats. They have both retained their original back seat which is important to us as it means that the rear seats still have their original seat belts and head rests. This makes them safer than if we’d had the seat replaced with what’s called a rock and roll seat. There is also a two seater rear facing seat fitted as part of the conversion which is to be used as extra seating for the dining table. It is legal to travel on rear facing seats without seat belts in a campervan but we don’t recommend it and particularly for long journeys. Please be aware we hold no responsibility if you choose to use these seats for travelling.

What time can I collect and return my camper?

We need to be fairly specific with this so that our campers are ready in time for each customer. If however you do have any special requests then please ask as we may be able to work around this.

First of all please call or email to let us know your estimated time of arrival so that we can make sure your van and all your requirements are ready. Please see below for what you will need to bring with you.

  • Collection times are between 3pm and 4pm – please allow around an hour to complete the documentation and time for us to show you around your camper.
  • Return times are between 9am and 11am.

It will be necessary for us to charge a late fee for all campers returned after 11am unless of course this has been agreed in advance. We thank you for your co-operation.

What do we need to bring when we collect our camper van?

It’s essential that you bring with you the following when you come to collect your camper as without these we won’t be able to release the camper and your journey will be delayed.

You’ll need to bring:

  • Full valid driving licence for each driver (both the plastic photo card and the paper counterpart)
  • Recent utility bill or bank statement to confirm your home address
  • £500 security deposit in cash if not already paid by bank transfer
Are the campervans suitable for babies and toddlers?

Yes absolutely. The front seats of the Bongo camper have 3 point seat belts and the rear seat has two seats with 3 point seat belts and a centre lap belt. You can rest assured that your baby or child will be safe and secure in our simply cool campers!​

We have a really cool hammock for your toddler – please see our WHAT’S INCLUDED page for more information.

We want to go on a cycling holiday are the campers suitable?

Yes! We have a Saris bike rack for up to three bikes.

I'm a surfer - do you have roof bars for my board?

Yes! We have roof bars suitable for surf boards, body boards, paddle boards, kayaks etc. The boards can even be left on when elevating the roof. We also have ratchet straps for securing them. It isn’t recommended however that you use the roof bars for anything heavier than surf boards.

Can I bring my pet?

Yes we are pet friendly and we are happy for your pets to join you on your trip. We charge a small extra fee of £20 per pet, per hire which helps towards the extra cleaning needed. We’d like to ask that you please take care of our soft furnishings and that your pets are not left unattended in the van unless in the boot – we have a dog guard to hire at no extra cost. It also goes without saying to never leave your pets in the van in hot weather as the van, even though larger than a standard car can still get very warm.

For anyone not bringing a pet please rest assured that the vans are thoroughly cleaned between each hire with no trace of pet smells etc.

If you’re planning to bring the kids along too then it might also be worth considering the hire of our driveway awning as you might just need the space!

Do the campers have heating and electricity?

Yes we want to make our campers as comfortable as possible for you but remember they are campervans! If you’re on a campsite with an electric hook up you simply plug in the cable (provided) to the socket on the side of the van. We have 240v sockets inside the van in which you can plug in the heater (provided) and various other luxuries – hairdryer, straighteners, laptop, etc.

If there isn’t an electric hook up in sight then we can still provide a fair bit of luxury as both Ozzy and Phoebe have a leisure battery which means that the fridge, lights, DVD player, radio/CD player and pump to the sink will still work when parked up. You can also use the 12v sockets to charge up your phone, ipad, ipod, inflatable air bed (if you’re using them) and snuggle up in the sumptuos throws we provide for your comfort!

Do the campers have a fridge?

Yes! As part of their conversions Ozzy and Phoebe have a fully fitted electric fridge (with freezer compartment ideal for freezer packs and ice!) The fridge runs off the leisure battery so you don’t need an electric hook-up to get your cool drinks on tap! We can also provide you with a cool bag if needed.

What's included in the campers and what do I need to bring?

Your campervan hire includes lots of simply cool stuff – take a look at our WHAT’S INCLUDED page and decide from this what you think you need on top of all the things we’ve included.

To make it easy for you we’ve provided a tick list within our booking form so that all you need to do is tick off the items you’d like us to provide. You’ll see that most items are included and there are some optional extras (some at extra cost which helps to keep the basic price down for those who don’t need the extras). We’ll have your camper ready and equipped with your requests when you come to pick it up.

Your camper will also have a full tank of petrol so that you can simply drive off and enjoy your adventure!

Can you provide bedding and towels?

Yes we are able to provide bedding and/or towels. Please see our WHAT’S INCLUDED page to check out the optional extras.

Can I choose how the interior of the campervan looks?

To a certain extent yes – after all they are simply cool campers! We have bunting, throws, cushions and can make it as girly or romantic (ideal for honeymoons!) as you like but then that’s not ideal if you’re a bunch of guys in which case we’ll tone it down completely unless of course you like bunting! We’ll do our best to dress the interior depending on your booking and the use of the van. Of course if you have any special requests then we’ll be happy to accommodate.

How economical are Bongo campervans?

Both Bongos are 2.0L petrol automatic and are really quite economical (depending how you drive them of course) and to give you some idea – a full tank of petrol (Ozzy’s tank takes 49 litres) will do on average 280 miles. This works out at around 6 miles per litre and 26 miles per gallon.

How safe are the campervans?

Both Ozzy and Poebe have frequent services and maintenance checks to keep them in optimum road worthy condition throughout the year. They will have pre-trip checks and we are in a fortunate position that our local friendly service station are actually specialists for Bongos and will carry out these checks for us. So we know that Ozzy and Phoebe are in safe hands and that you’ll be in a safe Bongo camper!

What are the dimensions and weight of a Bongo camper?

The length of the Bongo is 4.60 metres, the height is typicaly 2.10 metres although this can vary depending on whether the roof was fitted at the time of manufacture or whether it has been added at a later date – usually making it slightly lower. The width is 1.70 metres, the weight 2325 kgs and towing capacity is 2800 kgs.

Can I take the camper into Europe?

We’ve made the decision to keep the campervans within the UK mainland and Ireland only. For Ireland there is an extra European Insurance charge of £31.80 per week of being in Ireland. You will also need to know the dimensions of your campervan (which you’ll find in the answer above) for your ferry booking.

Can you deliver the camper to us?

We don’t currently offer a delivery service but if you’re coming to us by train we will gladly pick you up from our local train station – Dore, Sheffield or Chesterfield stations. If you’re coming by car then please see the map and directions on our HOW TO FIND US page. You are welcome to leave your car with us during your hire which will be parked on the driveway of our home. Please note this will be entirely at your own risk.

Are the Bongos suitable for people with special requirements?

At the moment no but this is something we hope to be able to offer in the future.​

What happens if the camper breaks down?

In the unlikely even that you break down you will need to call the roadside assistance number that we provide you with on collection of your camper. All hire includes 24 hour roadside assistance in the UK and Europe for your peace of mind and security.

In the event that the camper can’t be repaired either at the roadside or within the same day, Auto Legal Protection Services will decide on the best solution from the following:

  • For the vehicle, driver and up to seven passengers to be taken to your destination or home.
  • Bed and breakfast accommodation for one night.
  • Hire of another vehicle – up to 1600cc for up to 24 hours.

If it becomes necessary for the hire to be cancelled we will refund the remaining days and assist you in reaching the nearest onward travel point. If your hire continues after the camper is fixed we will refund the days lost whilst it is being repaired. Unfortunately we cannot refund for food or other costs.

Although we will do everything we can to make sure the camper is ready for hire, we cannot guarantee our vans or guarantee a replacement vehicle.

Where can we park overnight?

You can either book onto a camp site which will give you shower and toilet facilities and maybe an electric hook-up if you want one. However if you want to camp for free there are many other places you can park up. You can find lots more information on wild camping and places to park on various websites – we will be adding links to informative websites in the near future.

What should I do if I have a complaint?

We truly hope that this will never happen as we want to look after you and do everything we can to ensure that you have a simply cool adventure! If however you do have an issue of any kind, we’ll do everything we can to resolve this. If you would still prefer to complain officially then we can provide you with an address to do so in writing.

What charges apply if I cancel my booking?

There are unavoidable charges if you cancel your booking which are as follows:

  • From the time of booking to 6 weeks before collection the booking deposit is non-refundable.
  • 6 weeks – 2 weeks before collection 50% of the total hire charge is non-refundable.
  • 2 weeks – collection 100% of the total hire charge is non-refundable.

Unfortunatley we are unable to postpone, transfer money from one hire to another.

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